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German operating contracts awarded

Railway Gazette -

GERMANY: Rhein-Main-transport authority RMV has awarded Hessische Landesbahn a contract to operate Lahntal, Vogelsberg and Rhönbahn regional passenger services for 15 years from December 10 2023, and with its Rheinland-Pfalz Nord counterpart has awarded VIAS the next contract to operate Rheingau services.


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Cross-border line to be electrified

Railway Gazette -

SLOVAKIA: Infrastructure manager ŽSR has awarded Reming Consult a €427 650 contract to draw up plans for the modernisation of the cross-border bridge over the River Morava/March in preparation for the long-planned 25 kV 50 Hz electrification of the 2·4 km single-track line from Devínska Nová Ves in Slovakia to ...

Wagons delivered for wood chip import service

Railway Gazette -

EUROPE: The Finnlog subsidiary of Finland’s VR Group has taken delivery of 35 wagons manufactured by ZMK which will be used for transporting wood chips from Metsä Group’s Svir sawmill in Russia to its pulp mill at Joutseno in Finland.


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