Tatra Electric Railway EMU modernisation

Railway Gazette -

SLOVAKIA: Following the delivery of five new Stadler Class 495.95 electric multiple-units for the metre-gauge Tatra Electric Railway network, ŽOS Vrútky has begun work to modernise the 15 older Class 425.95 GTW2/6 units which a consortium of Stadler, ŽOS Vrútky and Adtranz supplied in 2000–02 and 2006.

Bi-mode diagnostic trains ordered

Railway Gazette -

ITALY: Infrastructure manager RFI has awarded a consortium of Stadler and Mermec a contract to design, manufacture and supply five electro-diesel multiple-units which will be used for real-time inspection of track and overhead electrification equipment.

Research, market access and demand form three pillars of UNIFE advocacy strategy

Railway Gazette -

EUROPE: UNIFE’s general assembly has approved the European rail supply industry association’s 2021-22 advocacy strategy, through which it aims to continue to raise awareness of the strategic importance of the sector from both an industrial and a sustainable transport point of view, and highlight the challenges of growing protectionism, restricted ...

MAN M 2000 Tanklastwagen


Hi, jetzt habe ich mir endlich mal einen tollen Tanklastwagen aus den 1990er - 2000 er Jahren geschaffen. Ein 3d-Druckmodell von Panzershop habe ich entsprechend hergerichtet. Das soll ein MAN M2000 mit der großen F2000 Kabine darstellen. Dieser 1...

Prototype modular footbridge unveiled

Railway Gazette -

UK: The prototype Flow modular footbridge built from lightweight, cost-effective and high strength fibre-reinforced polymer and designed to meet current technical standards while also creating a ‘welcoming, enjoyable and safe’ crossing has been unveiled by Network Rail.

Rack railcars ordered for the Dolderbahn

Railway Gazette -

SWITZERLAND: Zürich public transport operator VBZ has awarded Stadler Bussnang a SFr10·6m + VAT contract to supply two rack railcars for the metre-gauge Dolderbahn, which starts at Römerhof in the city suburbs and climbs 162 m in 1 328 m.


1zu160 -

www.1zu160.net-Newsmeldung: Neuer KSH für Lasercut und 3D-Druck


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